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We not only want to enhance your stay in Cabo by introducing you to the best restaurants, we would also like to enhance your enjoyment of the entire area by bringing you interesting information which will help you appreciate the culture, the geography, the architecture and the people of Los Cabos.

Los Cabos Information
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San Jose Estuary - a great spot for bird watching, kayaking or simply wandering and enjoying the natural beauty of Los Cabos.
Tropical Dry Forest of the Sierra de la Laguna - the Cape region is home to the Sierra de la Laguna tropical dry forest, a fascinating and endangered ecosystem.
Sonoran Desert of Baja California - most of Baja California is part of the Sonoran Desert, home to many interesting creatures.
Cardón cactus (pachycereus pringlei) - the world's largest cactus species, a Baja California native.

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