Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos Restaurant Guide

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Los Cabos Guide to Good Eating


compiled by Jules Chaikin

Okay, so something is broken and you have to get it fixed and you can't find whoever is supposed to do it so you decide to do it yourself. You're going to go into town to the plumbing supply (plomeria) or the hardware store (ferreteria) or the building supply place (surtidor) or maybe even the electrical supply place (electrica). But what do you ask for? How do you say it in Spanish? ('cause nobody at those places speaks English). Here's a simple guide that may help.

English Spanish Pronounciation
inch pulgada pull-GAH-dah
foot pie pee-YEH
yard yarda YAR-dah
mile milla MEE-ya
short corto CORE-toh
long largo LAR-goh
big grande GRAN-day
small (size) chico CHEE-ko
small (amount) pequeno peh-CANE-yoh
narrow estrecho eh-STRETCH-o
wide ancho AHN-choh
thick espeso eh-SPAY-soh
thin delgado dell-GAH-doh
tall alto AHL-toh
square cuadrado kwah-DRAH-doh
round redondo ray-DOHN-doh
full lleno YAY-noh
empty vacio vah-SEE-yoh
size (measurement) medida meh-DEE-dah
size (objects) tamano tah-MAHN-yoh
size (clothes) talla TAH-yah

cable cable CAH-blay
drill bit broca BRO-cah
factory taller tah-YAIR
faucet espita eh-SPEE-tah
flapper (toilet) sapito sah-PEE-toh
glue pegamento peh-gah-MEEN-toh
hammer martillo mar-TEE-yoh
hanger (all kinds) gancho GAHN-choh
ladder escalera eh-skah-LAIR-ah
monkey wrench llave inglesa YA-vay Eeen-GLAY-sah
monkey wrench estilson eh-STEEL-sohn
nail clavo CLAH-voh
nut tuerco TWAIR-coh
pliers tenaza ten-AH-sah
pump bomba BOMB-bah
saw sierra see-YAIR-ah
screw or bolt tornillo tore-KNEE-yoh
screwdriver desatornillador dehs-ah-tore-knee-yah-DOOR
tape cinta SEEN-tah
thread hilo HEEL-oh
tool herramiento air-ah-MYEN-toh
tool instrumento inn-strew-MEN-toh
wire alambre ahl-AHM-bray

Generally adding an 's' to the end of a word will pluralize it unless the word ends in a consonant in which case you add 'as' or 'es' depending on whether the word is classed as feminine or masculine gender. So loosen up your tongues, learn to roll your 'r's. - Speak Spanish and you'll get more things done.

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